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DetAngling Forgiveness

DetAngling Forgiveness Art- Stevenson

Once upon a time there was a young couple in high school. The boy was a junior and the girl was a sophomore. They were madly in love with each other….so much in love that they would do anything to make each other happy. Inseparable, they felt invincible and that nothing and no one can break them apart.

The summer following the girl’s sophomore year, she had to travel abroad for a student exchange program.

During the time she was away, the boy cheated on her. To make matters worse, what was supposed to be a one-night stand turned into an unwanted teenage pregnancy.

When the girl returned, the boy admitted his mistake to her and was ready to accept the consequences. Despite the obvious heartache and betrayal, the girl didn’t hesitate to forgive him in the moment because she was madly in love with him. Her love for him wouldn’t allow her to give up on the person who took her virginity. He was the same person who appreciated her worth when she was dumped by a previous boyfriend after refusing to have sex with him. He was the only person who made her laugh until her ribs literally hurt. The same person who cried by just watching her cry when she grieved her grandmother’s death. He was her best friend, her only true friend who’s always been there to support her at both her worst and her best.

Maybe she was naïve, maybe she was brave, or both. But one thing was for certain, she believed that the love they shared was strong enough to survive this. Besides, maybe their love was being tested by destiny, she thought to herself…

The new school year began with the girl entering her junior year and the boy began his senior year. Months passed by and the couple remained strong together. Despite many family and friends, even his close friends, advising her that she should leave him, the girl still stood by him. She truly believed that they could pass this test on the strength of their love.

However, as the baby’s due date approached, the girl’s feelings started to change. She would argue with him, many of times for reasons not worthy of an argument. She was hanging out with his friends that was trying to convince her to end the relationship with him. She then started to have feelings of resentment towards him.

After the child was born, the reality of the situation started to settle in. The girl started to question her feelings for the boy. “How can the only person she trusted with everything, betray her like this? How could she continue to look at him, treat him or even love him the same way?”, she would constantly ask herself. As time passed, she couldn’t find the answers she was looking for.

The boy graduated from high school and was attending college, while the girl entered her senior year. As time went by, the arguments were more frequent and never ending. The boy started to grow tired of it all and developed feelings of resentment towards her. Still, they remained together for the sake of the love they still somehow felt for each other…

The girl questioned her sanity, her desire, her future with him and even her ability to ever trust again. During this moment of uncertainty, one of her homosexual friends seized the opportunity to swipe her off her feet and make her forget her nightmares at the time. She was there for her, understood what she was going through, and they shared a bond that she could never have had with the boy.

Eventually, the girl ended the relationship with the boy and began a homosexual relationship with her friend. This was her escape from her reality. The boy vainly pleaded with her not to leave him and not to enter the homosexual relationship but it was too late.

Although he was well aware of the gravity of their situation, he was not ready to let go of either the girl or the relationship. But at the same time, part of him understood her reason for wanting to leave. He hated himself for his selfish actions that led to the end of a beautiful relationship.

But, he knew it was time to let her go and for her to be happy, even though it’s no longer with him

They mutually agreed to end the relationship and went to live their separate lives away from each other…

Few years later, they caught up on social media. The boy, curiously but reluctantly, asked the girl about her experience in that homosexual relationship. The girl admitted that it was not what she expected and had to end it after a few months. She also revealed that she’s currently married with a nice man she met in college.

They have 3 kids together. The husband did not knowingly father one of them.

Now she needed the boy’s advice on how to seek his forgiveness when, and if, she ever decides to tell him.


The point of this story was to highlight that everyone needs forgiveness in their lifetime.

To forgive and to be forgiven requires time, effort and great amount of love.

My advice to you today is if you’ve wronged someone, don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness. And if you’ve been wronged, find the strength and take as much as you need to forgive.

However, if you ever find it hard to decide on whether or not to forgive, ask yourself:

1) What’s next after forgiving?

2) Would they forgive me if I were the one seeking forgiveness?

But always remember that everyone deserves a second chance but not every second chance belongs to everyone!

Happy DetAngling!

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