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The DetAngler Weekly Quiz

Less disappointing than one of the best shows on TV in its final season (you know what I’m talking about… if you don’t…Dracarys is the last word you’ll hear!)…. It’s the DetAngler weekly quiz!

No cheating, people!

Here we go…

Without leaving this page, answer the following questions:

  1. How many times was the word “tangle” used in the “ABOUT” page of this website?
  2. What is the next tangle (or topic) that was announced for this week’s post on our social media pages?
  3. What TV show am I referring to above?

Put your answers in the comment below to show off your attention-paying skills!

If you didn’t get all the answers right, don’t worry, there’s another quiz next week. It’s not called the weekly quiz for nothing, you know!

Happy DetAngling!

Until next time!

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  1. So close Marie! You only have the second question wrong. Since the post was already posted, I can tell you the answer. It’s TRUST. Thank you for playing! 🙂

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