The Tangles of Love

Photo by AD- Kindly note that the tree nor any part of the tree was destroyed in the process of taking this picture.

Love can make you cry, love can make you laugh, love can make you happy and love can make you sad. Love can make you invincible and love can make you vulnerable.

Love can be your worst enemy and love can be your best friend. Love can be a dream, love can be a thought, love can be a stream and can also be a drought. Love can be a fantasy, love can be a reality, love can be harsh and love can be gentle. Love can be translated and can greatly be misinterpreted.

Love is everywhere yet sometimes comes out of nowhere. Love is kind, love is generous, love is blind and yet so insightful.

Love can’t be taught, love can’t be bought and absolutely and most definitely, love can’t be forced.

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