DetAngling Emotional Independence: Part 1

According to multiple articles and other blog posts I’ve read, unsurprisingly, being independent in a relationship is often measured by monetary prowess. It is about how much one can afford or how little assistance one needs from their partner. It’s also about individuality, self-worth and personal strength. Nothing […]

DetAngling Forgiveness

Once upon a time there was a young couple in high school. The boy was a junior and the girl was a sophomore. They were madly in love with each other….so much in love that they would do anything to make each other happy. Inseparable, they felt invincible […]

DetAngling Sacrifice Survey

Identify each situation as either a sacrifice or a compromise. Leave your answers in the comment section below: Loving without Trust Loving without Sexual Attraction Loving without Physical Attraction Loving a partner that you cannot have a good conversation with Loving a partner that you mostly have bad […]

DetAngling Sacrifices

Many of us disagree on the difference between the definition of a sacrifice and a compromise. Ask anyone to tell you about the biggest sacrifice they ever had to make, the answer would most likely be about a regrettable decision. Ask the same person about the biggest compromise […]

Detangling TRUST

Trust, according to the dictionary, is the firm belief in the reliability of someone. However, in order to properly understand this phenomenon, one must answer the following questions: What is reliability? How is reliability determined and measured? How does a partner become reliable?   Reliability refers to the […]

The DetAngler Weekly Quiz

Less disappointing than one of the best shows on TV in its final season (you know what I’m talking about… if you don’t…Dracarys is the last word you’ll hear!)…. It’s the DetAngler weekly quiz! No cheating, people! Here we go… Without leaving this page, answer the following questions: […]

The Tangles of Love

Love can make you cry, love can make you laugh, love can make you happy and love can make you sad. Love can make you invincible and love can make you vulnerable. Love can be your worst enemy and love can be your best friend. Love can be […]